HepC Positivity

I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C genotype 3a in October 2004. Treated with Interferon and Ribavirin combination therapy from February to July 2005. Have negative viral pcr status 6 months post-treatment. These are some good things that are associated with this experience.

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada


10 Positive Things Associated with My HCV Diagnosis and Treatment:

1. EMPOWERMENT - Being diagnosed with hcv was overwhelming. I am learning everything I can about the disease. I am treating this thing with the only treatment option out there and am determined to fight this. Knowledge and determination are powerful and this experience is forcing me to empower myself.

2. RETROSPECTION AND RE-EXAMINATION - This experience is causing me to look at the past and to how I've come to this place in my life. I am challenging the lifestyle choices and belief systems I'd routinely adopted and/or accepted. Looking at relationships. Examining the things that frighten me and why.

3. RECOGNITION THAT RELATIONSHIPS ARE DYNAMIC - My relationships are undergoing change, and that is normal and healthy. Neither people, nor relationships, are static, particularly in the face of traumatic events. This experience may foster some of the strongest associations I will ever have.

4. APPRECIATION OF THE WORLD AROUND ME - The world has become a beautiful place - a place of wonder! While I know that this is a normal reaction to a diagnosis of chronic disease and to chosing to undergo a chemotherapeutic regime, I am in awe of how incredible the world is.

5. LETTING GO - I don't need to control everything (many who know me will find this hard to believe!). The world will function okay without my giving it directions. More importantly, I will function and don't need to be insecure, even if I'm not in charge. This is a BIG step for me.

6. HEALTHY LIFESTYLE CHOICES - Whoa - I do yoga and walk everyday, I eat healthy meals (and never skip meals anymore), have healthy snacks, don't smoke, don't drink, consume copious amounts of water. Jeez, I may be healthier on treatment for hcv than I've ever been in my life!

7. SPIRITUALITY - Have always been pretty cynical about spirituality and religion. Am developing a healthy respect for all forms of spirituality, even if I'm not sure where my beliefs exactly fit in. There is much to be said for the power of faith. Find myself reading material on Christianity, Buddhism, Paganism... perhaps I will at least learn about some of the ways that spirituality has been achieved.

8. WE ARE A GLOBAL COMMUNITY - There IS a global community out there and I am part of it. Millions of people have hcv worldwide, many of whom are going through the same treatment process. To be able to share this experience on a global level is amazing!

9. I AM LOVED - I have always known, of course, that I am loved by my family and friends. However, the incredible outpouring of love, concern and support they have provided has affected me so hugely. I never envisioned myself in a position to accept all of this. I am so very grateful.

10. EVOLUTION - This is the most positive effect and a culminant one. I am learning, growing, changing, evolving as a person. This is in direct relation to my diagnosis and treatment of HCV.